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Purchases and mobile devices: a great challenge for traders and retail trade.

The use of mobile devices as smartphones and tablets by users when deciding which product to buy varies depending on what they prefer to purchase but it is still increasing in a generalized way as a habitude.

A recent study by Nielsen reports that most consumers make online purchases through their mobile devices in electronics stores, department stores, markets or clothing stores. In this sense, a 73% of surveyed people affirm they use their Smartphones to get information about electronic products.

Most of surveyed people affirm to read opinions about the products before purchasing them. Any item can be useful so as to be more interested in the product to buy. The development of this information as a marketing strategy could help companies to get potential clients in a more invasive way those traditional advertisements.

The products research and the search for references, comments and opinions from other users appear as one of the main factors that can influence or determine the final judgment while purchasing. Besides, the ability to access this information is supposed to be a great challenge for companies and vendors.

Besides that, most of consumers not only accede to the content of different websites to read opinions about the products they are interested in but also they show a special interest to QR codes and offers and discounts coupons.



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