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Google search will answer questions posed in everyday language.

Google launched a new search function that allows users to ask questions with the same vocabulary that would be used while talking to another person.
According to information from Internet, this application, called Knowledge Graph, will give the seeker the power of natural language processing tool, which aims to artificial intelligence and linguistics.

Moreover, they add that the new feature of Google is aimed to make real the Semantic Web concept, means, the ability to add semantic information to describe the content, meaning and relationship of data to Internet content.
Knowledge Graph, consists of a huge base with about 500 million and 3,500 million data links between them, allowing you to get answers while searching.

Likewise, the system is also able to respond to issues through natural language processing, such as indicating the tallest building in the world or what is Obama's wife name, but this feature is not still developed.

Natural language processing.

The natural language processing is a function of artificial intelligence and linguistics to build systems and mechanisms that allow communication between people and machines using natural languages. It is spoken or written by humans for general communication purposes.


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